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Selected Writings and Publications 

Essays and Papers


Vers une architecture and Villa Savoye: A comparison of treatise and building.  January 1999.  Click here


The Importance of Place in Architecture.  March 1999.  Click here


Monuments and their Meanings.  May 1999.  Click here


Medieval Thought and its Architectural Expression.  December 1999.  Click here


Size and Scale in Abstract Sculpture.  January 2019.  Click here.


Towards a Contemporary Sublime - A Sculptural Perspective.  June 2020.  Click here.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Presenting the Unpresentable.  May 2022.  Click here.


Book Reviews


R.M. Schindler: Compositions and Construction 
Lionel March and Judith Sheine, Editors  

Click here


Studies in Tectonic Culture:  The Poetics of Construction in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture.  Kenneth Frampton

Click here   






Architectural Reference Library.  Click here


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