Artist Statement

Lester Korzilius is both an artist and architect.  He is interested in the immersive aspects of both disciplines, and his work creates a connection with the viewer grounded in space.  The work is deliberately designed to require multiple views to comprehend it as a totality, as this introduces time and distance in the perception of the viewer.  


Korzilius concentrates on a two-fold set of relationships.  First, there is the interaction between the work, the viewer, and the environment – and these reinforce and modify each other.  Secondly, are the internal properties of the work and the dialogue that these have with each other.  Materiality, colour and texture are key properties in these experiments.


A number of the works situate themselves in the zone between art and architecture, exploring and manipulating size, scale and movement to create an immersive environment.  The work also explores scale from the perspective of creating a defined space between the viewer and the work – sometimes close, and sometimes deliberately less so. 


Lester Korzilius has been experimenting with colour, exploring the idea of sculpture as an armature for colour.  Colour is used as a physical element in space, and it is perceived, along with the other properties of the work, on an emotive level of perception.

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