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Artist Statement

Lester Korzilius is an artist and architect with a concurrent arts and architecture practice in London and Chichester.  In the arts, Korzilius graduated with an MFA from the University of Sussex/West Dean and an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art.  He is a Doctoral student in Fine Art at the University of East London. 

Lester’s work explores the unpresentable and how this is expressed in sculpture.  The unpresentable is a sensation that includes the sublime, the liminal, and figural, that can’t be expressed by language or thought.  It is a formless object in the mind of the viewer comprised of sensations and intensities without signification.  The work explores both the use of social constructs and preobjective  phenomenological experiences as means of achieving this experience with the intention that there is a figural, formal syntheses that is precognitive in both a theoretical and practical sense.

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