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Artist Statement

Lester Korzilius is an artist and architect.  He is interested in using physical means to present the unpresentable – the deepest part of our psyches that cannot be symbolically expressed.  Using a tectonic expression of materials and their assembly Korzilius attempts to create a dialectical experience in the mind of the viewer.  The resulting experience is more than the sum of the parts – it is a unique experience created from the disparities and tensions in the work.


Korzilius’ work is phenomenologically based in that it assumes some sensations and perceptions are common to all viewers.  The work explores how these phenomena are interpreted by the viewer, whether in a pre-objective understanding of the phenomena, via a set of social constructs that act as a conduit to the individual’s interpretations or by some combination of the two. 


Recent work has used an abstract series of fabric castings that freezes the gravity-based shapes in a moment in time and re-presents them in altered combinations in a larger composition.  Other works have used mirrors to challenge the viewer’s perception – what is real, what is a reflection, and what is the mind’s interpretation of what it thinks it sees?  Lacan’s theory of the mirror stage and how we learn to perceive an object are an influence on these works.

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