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An open call proposal for the Towner Gallery in Eastborne, East Sussex. The starting point is an appreciation for superb architect Rick Mather’s design of the excellent Towner Gallery.

Our approach is that the colour integrity of the Mather design should remain, and that the proposed work be clearly an addition which is distinct, but complements the existing building.
The exterior of the Towner Gallery is used as a backdrop for an applied colour sculpture. The sculpture is constructed from painted cardboard tubes, from a pallet of 5 colours. The coloured tubes are assembled in several layers and accents so that, like a tapestry, there is a degree of optical blending of colour with the finished work. The varied depths of the differing layers of tubes creates a three-dimensional sculpture that utilises the Towner as a backdrop and complement.

Art references include the work of ‘historical’ artists such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Ad Reinhardt, Helen Frankenthaler, Peter Lanyon, Howard Hodgkin, Daniel Buren, Joseph and Anni Albers as well as current day artists working with colour including Carlos Cruz-Diez, Sean Sculley, Katharina Grosse, David Tremlett, Rana Begum, and Tomma Abts.

Architectural references include the work of Shigeru Ban, Kenzo Kuma, Will Alsop, Luis Barragan, and Sauerbruch and Hutton.




Dimensions vary


Acrylic paint, cardboard tubes

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