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Lacan's Mirror

The images shown are installation views at the Chichester Festival Theatre from 5th July 2021 to 5th March 2022.

Inspired by the theories of Jacques Lacan the work explores our perception of the real, imaginary and symbolic. The work makes the viewer question if what they see is real, a reflection of the work itself, an image of the environment, or a fragment of themselves. The title references Lacan’s mirror stage where he postulated that the ability to recognise one’s image as a reflection is a learned response in human development. Lacan’s Mirror challenges the viewer to differentiate between the real and the reflection/imaginary, and the viewer forms a gestalt of these opposing forces when observing the work.

Photos by Barney Hindle




200 x 210 x 117 cm


Steel, acrylic mirrors, MDF, steel cables

Video from CFT

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