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Dawn's Early Light

Dawn’s Early Light is a site specific work designed for Shoreham, Kent. The work references the 306 British soldiers executed by firing squad in WWI for desertion or cowardice, and who were posthumously pardoned in 2006. In particular, Thomas Highgate, the first such British soldier to be executed was from Shoreham.

The wooden centrepiece echoes the posts used by WWI firing squads. The post is charred by fire and recalls the death and destruction experienced by those in WWI. The rope alludes to the binding of the prisoner’s arms behind his back while waiting for his fate. The work contains 306 oranges that individually reference the executed soldiers. The corporeal and decaying presence of the oranges corresponds to the corporeality of the 306 soldiers.




Dimensions variable; 214 x 300 x 300 cm (approx)


Charred timber, rope, steel, 306 oranges

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